Imagine graduating from college and ready to live your best life with the man of your dreams then boom life happens. While all of your friends are growing in their careers, you are still working part-time at that job that helped you get through college, then your boyfriend has the nerve to cheat on you. Taking loss after loss Jontice Tanae tells how she was able to overcome defeat and manifest a successful interviewing and dating experience. Tune in to see how she finds the secrets to true happiness.The Callback discusses the parallels of interviewing and dating based on lessons the author has learned. The Callback includes anecdotes, affirmations, and activities that provide readers with assistance to help increase their self awareness to foster strengths and weaknesses to help manifest their own interviewing and dating experience. With millennials growing up during the times of instant gratification, Jontice Tanae reminds readers it is ok to live in the moment and love every bit of it.If you want to receive updates on The Callback, please visit the website at, where you can sign up to receive important updates and take a quiz on your likelihood to receive the call back.

The Callback: How I Manifested a Successful Dating and Interviewing Experience

  • Paperback: 102 pages